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Grade 7 Graduation - Dinner & Dance at Toronto Campus

May 6th,  the Grade 7 parents organized a dinner and limo ride to Toronto so the Grade 7 Students could attend the Grade 7 Dance at Toronto Campus. The PA also supports the graduation festivities on the last day of class, Thursday  June 23rd, 2016. 

Dear Parents and the PA,

We, the grade sevens, would like to thank you all for organizing our lovely dinner, courtesy of Margarita, decorating the mini gym, wonderful decorations courtesy of Lesley and set up courtesy of many parents, setting up the limousine, and many photos taken by many of our parents that will make the memories last forever. The limo was awesome and so thank you Mike for accompanying us in the limousine. We would also like to thank the PA for everything they have done to have made that night possible. Thank you to all the school staff as well, to have let us use the space in the school for our dinner and the pre-dance fun. And finally, we would like to thank the parents who cleaned up after our dinner and who helped plan our dance!

We would like to thank the parents who set up sleepovers for us to have afterwards.

It was definitely a night to remember that we will never forget. Thank you so much for all of your help!

The grade 7 class