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Sports Awards

The TFS Mississauga 'Sports Awards Celebration' takes place annually near the end of the school year. The school recognizes our sport athletes who have competed in various sporting events during the course of the year. The awards exemplify the true meaning of sportsmanship at TFS Mississauga.
Last school year, the ceremony was held on June 16th in the main gym at the West Campus.
The PA supports the event by funding the cost of the medals for the children.  
This event is organized every year in order to recognize and celebrate our student's PARTICIPATION, SPORTSMANSHIP and ACHIEVEMENTS throughout the school year.  
We also celebrated the Athletes of the Year 2014/5 - This award is given to one male and one female athlete who consistently displayed hard work and sportsmanship qualities in all sports.  These athletes have also shown dedication to the programme and stood out by their performances
In addition, we celebrated the Grade 7 - Special Achievement Award - 2014/5.  This award is reserved for one male and one female Grade 7 athlete who consistently displayed hard work and sportsmanship qualities throughout the year, as well as outstanding achievement in every sport he or she participated in.
Looking back at 2014-15, we note a great involvement from our students in the various Athletic activities offered at school. An amazing  97 % of our students from grade 3 to 7 have participated in at least one Athletic Activity last year. 

Throughout the year, we have achieved many good individual or collective performances. We will particularly note the fabulous 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from our  U10 Girls in Cross country or the Soccer championship won by our U12 girls. We came close to few other titles in Floor Hockey with our U12 boys or in Soft ball with the U12 Girls.

Last June, during the Athletic Awards Ceremony, we recognized over 64 students for their attitude, performances, commitment and work habits. Congratulation to Our 2014-15 Athlete of the Year: Marco Didiodato (G7), Adèle Garrigues (G6) and our 2014-15 G7 Athletic Achievement: Jacob and Soiree.

A big thank you to the Parent Association who continues to support our activities and special events (recognition Ceremony)
and who helps us improve our equipment (ie. storage container) to organize all outdoor equipment on brand new shelves.
This container also stores recess equipment purchased partially with the $400 Canadian Tire money raised last June.

Finally, a big thank you is to be given to all the parent who volunteered their time supporting our athletes or even at times, assisting coaching the various teams.

Submitted by Alexandre