What is the Parent Association - WEST Campus (PAW)?
The Parents Association includes every parent of TFS. Our Branch, which is also a campus is "West" and you are represented by our Branch Representatives at the meetings of the TFS Executive Parent Associaton meetings. TFS takes the PA sersiously as evidenced by inviting our TFS PA President to every board meeting of TFS as a non-voting member.
The goal of the PA is to enhance and build a friendly, coperative and supportive community to enrich the educational experience of our children by:
  • facilitating opportunities for parents to be involved in the school
  • providing useful services to parents, such as setting up some lunch choices for students
  • raising funds to purchase “extras” for our children and finance special project or activities 

Can I be a member of the PAW?
Yes – you already are, a member as a TFS parent, you belong automatically to the TFS Parents’ Association.

How does the PAW raise funds?
Most of our funds are raised by the PA offering lunch programs. Additional monies are raised by parents and business donations to various events throughout the year, the silent auction, and other smaller fundraising events. The social events held during the year are planned to break even and sometimes run a small deficit, which is funded by the PA’s funds raised during the year.
Of course, programs only run when there are volunteers to make them happen.

What does the PAW do with the money it raises?
  • Principal's "Wish List'. This is a $10,000 gift the PA makes to the school every year based on the Principals objectives
  • Supporting social events, such as the BBQ, International Pot Luck, Fall Social eg. Wine & Cheese
  • Sponsoring the Principal's Aperitifs
  • Sporting events and equipment (Terry Fox, swim meets, awards, etc.)
  • Souvenir Booklet Printing
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation
  • Surplus projects are substantial capital expenditures such as the projector and sound system the PA funded
Do you have any ideas as to how Parents Association funds should be spent? Would you like to weigh in on what is proposed? Speak to any Branch Rep, or drop us anemail.

How can I become a Campus Rep?
Seven members of the West Campus of the TFS Parents Association have volunteered to “represent” the Parents Association for our campus in Mississauga. Any parent may volunteer for a position and hold the position for minimum a year. Parents are encouraged to bring their expertise to the PAW.

What do the Campus Reps do?
  • Each Campus Rep has an area of responsibility that they oversee as well as one social event that they are the sponsor for, making sure there is a direct communication between the social event organizing committee and the PA Branch Rep Team
  • They meet monthly, and two representatives then represent our West Campus at the TFS PA Executive meeting downtown once a month
  • Work closely with Mme. Landry to spend the Wish List every year and also deploy surplus on capital projects where the PA can supplement and expediate TFS’s plans
  • Represent parents to the school administration
  • Co-ordinate class parents and allocate funds to each classroom
  • Oversee preparation of Souvenir Booklets and fund the printing 

How do I become a Campus Rep?
To volunteer to be a Branch Rep, drop us an email

How can I volunteer without becoming a Campus Rep?
Check our our 'Participez' section of the the web site.

Comments, Ideas, Questions?
We would love to hear from you either in person, by email or by simply attending one of our meetings, i.e. PA meeting or Volunteer meeting. You can reach us anytime by e-mail