Campus Representative ~ West Campus

The role of the Campus Representative is to support a spirit of communication and cooperation throughout the TFS community, by acting as a liaison among the PA members at West Campus, the Campus Coordinator, Campus Treasurer, and the Principal at West Campus. 

West Campus has 5 Campus Representative positions, together with the Campus Coordinator and the Campus Treasurer who form the PA Campus Representative Team. The five Campus Representative positions are as follows:

  • Secretary 
  • Class Coordinator
  • Representative - Webmaster
  • Representative
  • Representative
Any one of these positions may be appointed to be the West Campus Executive Representative if the Treasurer is unable to fulfil these duties.  

The Secretary and the Class Coordinator have additional duties to uphold, as described in an additional job description. 

This position is a voting member of the Parents' Association Council (PAC). 

Key Duties:

  • Attend monthly meetings of the Campus Team, and possibly with the Principal and/or other members of the administration to discuss, coordinate and obtain approval for Campus and grade-specific activities.
  • Work directly with the Campus Team upholding any specific duties as noted above (Secretary, Class Coordinator and Senior and Junior Grade Representatives) and / or other members of the Administration on PA related issues.
  • Direct parents to appropriate TFS resources, in addition, relay feedback from parents to the Campus Coordinator as appropriate.
  • Attend school sponsored events as requested by the Campus Coordinator.
  • Ensure assigned tasks are completed and work in collaboration with other Campus Representatives to achieve goals.

Other PA Duties:

  • As a member of the PAC, act as an ambassador and resource for parents and administration to encourage an inclusive and cooperativeTFS community. 
  • Attend all monthly Campus Team meetings and three PAW meetings at West Campus, and make best efforts to attend PAC meeting at Toronto Campus, and vote as required.
  • Remain in good standing on the PAC and maintain strict adherence to the TFS Code of Conduct and PA Constitution. 

Key skills/abilities/experience:

  • Prior experience with the PA is an asset. 
  • Solid organizational skills, and be able to provide guidance, leadership and teamwork throughout the TFS community.
  • Must have strong communication skills, and ability to pursue a confidential and diplomatic approach with all TFS stakeholders, along with sound knowledge of TFS in order to direct parents to appropriate TFS resources.


  • The post is for one year and can be renewed for up to four consecutive years.
  • The time commitment required is on average 6-8 hours a month which includes, preparation of work, and attendance in various meetings ie. Campus PA meeting, PAW and PAC meetings if possible. The role is cyclical in nature; some months may be busier than others based on the time of year.