Class Representatives (one for each class - PK to Grade 7)

The role of the Class Representative at the West Campus is to support a spirit of communication and community within our campus and with Toronto Campus,  by acting as a liaison between the parents of their class, the PA Campus Team and the Principal of the Campus.  

Grade 6 & 7 Class Parents have added responsibilities in coordination or securing volunteers for school or PA events that include both West and Toronto Campus students (i.e. dances, bowling, movies).  

All Class Parents are approved by the Principal of the Campus and report to the Class Parent Coordinator, who is also a Campus Representative, so there is a good  communication flow. 

This role can be filled by two parents if duties are agreed upon in advance, however one must act as the main point of contact.  

The PA flows through the PA Dues of $20 per student to the main Class Parent in September, which is to be fully spent on items for the children as per the teachers wishes.  The Class Parent Coordinator will outline the accounting and reporting on these funds at a meeting in the fall.    

Key duties :

  • Assist the homeroom teacher in organizing and purchasing items for the classroom; i.e., food for class parties, decorations for holidays with the funds provided or donations from parents. 
  • Coordinate volunteers for all class outings and activities or events in the classroom as per the teachers wishes.
  • Ensure distribution of the Class List to all parents in the class and accept and manage any updates or changes throughout the year in coordination with the Class Parent Coordinator.  
  • Ensure there are a minimum of three (3) volunteers for the Pizza Lunch service on your grade’s designated lunch dates.  Duties also include getting volunteers to help in the pizza lunch prep that happens on the firday morning of your pizza day.   On these dates, your class my select a theme, decorations, music etc. if approved by school administration and participate in providing a special nut-free dessert in coordination with the Pizza Team. 
  • Assist the PA in communicating with the class.
  • Organize one PA-sponsored social event for the parents of the class; i.e., coffee in the school after drop off, an evening of wine and cheese, this is at your discretion.   Community is integral to the success of the school and this is one way to foster it.
  • Collaborate with other Class Parents to share information and achieve goals.
  • Work with the Comite de Bienvenue Coordinator to pay particular attention to the needs and integration of new families to the class and TFS community. 
  • Act as an ambassador of the school and as a resource for parents to encourage an inclusive TFS community.
  • Attend all PAW meetings.
  • Maintain strict adherence to the TFS Code of Conduct and PA Constitution,

Key Skills:

  • Solid organizational skills, be able to provide guidance, leadership and teamwork to the TFS community
  • Must have strong communication skills and ability to pursue a confidential and diplomatic approach with all TFS stakeholders, along with knowledge of TFS  in order to direct parents to appropriate TFS resources