Comité de Bienvenue Coordinator ~ West Campus

The role of the Comité de Bienvenue Coordinator is to support a spirit of communication and cooperation throughout the TFS community, by acting as a parent ambassador for TFS at BBQ & Fun Fair, Open Houses and other New Family events.   

Key Duties:

  • Organize a team of PA volunteers to call all new families to welcome them to the TFS family.  The Campus Coordinator will inform the Office of Admissions that you are entitled to receive this confidential information to fulfil your duties. 
  • For families enrolled prior to the annual BBQ & FunFair, invite and encourage attendance at this event.
  • Coordinate new families welcome area, activities with the BBQ & Fun Fair Committee and ensure any volunteers are PA members who enjoy talking to new people and have an abundance of positive energy about TFS to share. 
  • Assist in coordination of new parent activities on Orientation day and the New Parent Breakfast that TFS organizes. 
  • Attend Open House(s) as able as a representative of the PA at West Campus and make presentation as requested on how the PA assists new families. 
  • Submit an annual budget in the Fall for new family activities.  
  • Facilitate finding mentor families to match up with new parent families in coordination with the Campus Representative Team. 
  • Develop a system to maintain communication with new families throughout the school year. 

Other PA Duties:

  • As a member of the PA, act as an ambassador and resource for parents and administration to encourage an inclusive and cooperative TFS community. 
  • Attend all PAW meetings; participate in discussions and provide support as required. 
  • Remain in good standing on the PA and maintain strict adherence to the TFS Code of Conduct and PA Constitution. 

Key skills/abilities/experience:

  • Prior experience with the PA is an asset. 
  • Strong communication skills, along with sound knowledge of TFS in order to best represent the school to New Parents.


  • The post is for one year and can be renewed for up to four consecutive years.
  • The time commitment required is on average 2-3 hours a month which includes, preparation of work and attendance in various meetings. In addition, a minimum of 2-3 hours for each Open House or New Parent event. The role is cyclical in nature; some months may be busier than others based on the time of year.