Decorations  Coordinator 

The role of the Decorations Coordinator is to organize a small group to source decorations and decorate the front lobby of the school for the children.  Typically the PA has decorated four times a year, Halloween, Winter Wonderland, Lunar New Year and Valentines Day.  

Key Duties:

  • Ensure you are aware of supplies and decorations the PA has in storage
  • Recruit a group to shop and decorate
  • Be aware of budget for decorations  
  • Report updates at the PAW
  • Lisa with School Administration regarding ideas, timing and ensure that decorations are compliant with safety and fire regulations

Other PA Duties:

  • As a member of the PA, act as an ambassador and resource for parents and administration to encourage an inclusive and cooperative TFS community.
  • Attend all PAW meetings; participate in discussions and vote as required. 
  • Remain in good standing on the PA and maintain strict adherence to the TFS Code of Conduct and PA Constitution.

Key skills/abilities/experience:

  • Good organization and creative ideas
  • Must have solid communication skills.


  • The post is for one year and can be renewed for up to four consecutive years.
  • The time commitment required is on average 2 hours each holiday.