Souvenir Booklet Coordinator

Key Duties:

  • Recruit a Souvenir Booklet Coordinator for each grade at West Campus (September)
  • Determine & communicate Souvenir Booklet due dates and page allocation per grade, based on number of students in each grade (October)
  • Schedule and chair a SB Grade Coordinators meeting to review current/new policies and procedures, training needs, technical issues, booklet requirements, due dates and to answer questions or concerns (October)
  • Review and update technical manuals on an annual basis
  • Provide SB Grade Coordinators with updated versions of the manual and post on Digital Bucket for easy access
  • Maintain systems such as Digital Bucket (clean-up “initial upload file” and maintain/update passwords annually(October)
  • Provide sample communication "Intro. Letters” to all SB Grade Coordinators (October)
  • Provide Digital Bucket Access information and instructions including users & passwords (October and throughout the year)
  • Provide SB Grade Coordinators with a sample “Booklet Record/layout” to use for easy planning and tracking of volunteers  
  • Act as a resource to all SB Grade Coordinators (be available to answer questions and to problem solve throughout the school year )
  • Maintain regular communication with SB Grade Coordinators to ensure they are on track with their grade’s booklet
  • Obtain from school administration and share with SB Grade Coordinators, all official school class group, staff group, individual student and staff photos
  • Create a generic SB Staff Page (Page 2) + back page and share with SB Grade Coordinators on Digital Bucket
  • Check pages created by volunteers for technical issues (file size, photo size, etc…) and provide feedback to SB Grade Coordinator
  • Ensure that uploaded pages are in numerical order and that the booklets contain a cover, staff, class group photo page, back cover
  • Ensure that that all cover and back cover pages meet requirements (Year, grade, school name, campus name, volunteer and TFS Parent's Association recognition)
  • Transfer competed booklets to the "PrintReady" file in Digital Bucket by deadline date
  • Distribute printed booklets to the SB Grade Coordinators on the last day of school

Other PA Duties:

  • As a member of the PA, act as an ambassador and resource for parents and administration to encourage an inclusive and cooperative TFS community. 
  • Attend all PAW meetings, participate in discussions and support as required.
  • Remain in good standing on the PA and maintain strict adherence to the TFS Code of Conduct and PA Constitution. 

Key skills/abilities/experience:

  • Experience with the PA is an asset. 
  • Solid organizational skills, and be able to provide guidance, leadership and teamwork throughout the TFS community.
  • Must have strong communication skills, and ability to pursue a confidential and diplomatic approach with all TFS stakeholders, along with sound knowledge of TFS in order to direct parents to appropriate TFS resources.


  • The post is for one year and can be renewed for up to four consecutive years.
  • The time commitment required is on average 6-8 hours a month which includes, preparation of work, and attendance in various meetings. The role is cyclical in nature; some months may be busier than others based on the time of year.