Lunch Programs

The PA offers a hot Pizza Lunch every Friday to West Campus students in JK to Grade 7. There is also a school-wide lunch program available from Monday to Thursday. Learn more about both lunch programs below.

Fresh hot pizza served every Friday during the school year

For parents, Pizza Friday offers a break from making lunches and the kids look forward to it each week with their friends. Pizza Lunch includes delicious cheese, pepperoni, specialty or veggie pizza, fresh fruit & veggies, and a choice of milk or juice.

Open to students from JK to Grade 7, the cost is $248.00 per child for 30 pizza lunches and will be charged directly to your child's TFS account. The first pizza lunch will be served on Friday, September 9th and the program will continue every Friday that is a full day of school, with the exception of May 5, 2017.

With 98% of TFS students participating, Pizza Lunch is the biggest fundraising program of the West Campus TFS Parents' Association. Volunteers help prepare the fruits and veggies each Friday morning, and parents from each grade are encouraged to help serve lunch on their designated Pizza Fridays.

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School-wide lunch provided by Real Food for Real Kids

Real Food for Real Kids provides lunch from Monday to Thursday at the TFS West Campus
Parents of JK to Grade 7 students are able to order lunches prepared by Real Foods for Real Kids (aka RFRK). They use quality ingredients to provide yummy, nourishing meals to children at a reasonable price, and have also been selected by the school as the lunch provider for PK students under the Day Nurseries Act. 

Real Food for Real Kids aims to change the way kids eat and understand food. They prepare everything from scratch using fresh, whole, healthy, and Ontario-grown foods.

Not surprisingly, given the chance to reconnect with real food — instead of the processed, frozen and canned preparations that have become so ubiquitous — children love it! Even the picky ones are enticed to try something new and different, and many go back for seconds.

The RFRK lunch program at the TFS West Campus runs Monday to Thursday (Friday is Pizza Lunch day). Meals can be tailored to a wide range of dietary requirements, and are reasonably priced.

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