Pizza Lunch Fridays

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The PA is pleased to offer a hot Pizza Lunch every Friday to West Campus students in JK to Grade 7. With nearly 100% participation, it's a popular and nutritious treat that TFS kids look forward to at the end of each week.

We offer fresh, hot pizza made by Pizza Nova with delicious cheese, pepperoni and veggie toppings, as well as a specialty pizzas like chicken, Hawaiian, gluten-free and non-cheese pizza. Each meal is accompanied by fruit and vegetables and a choice of milk or juice.

Sign up for Pizza Lunch today for the 2015-16 school year. The cost of $248 per child for the full year (31 meals) is charged directly to your TFS account.

Pizza Lunch At a Glance
Pizza, selection of vegetables and fruits, sweet treat, 1% milk (white or chocolate) or juice
Every Friday
Friday September 11, 2015 to June 17, 2016 (excluding April 22, 2016)
$248 for 31 meals
To Volunteer:
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Fridays at 8:30 AM for kitchen prep and 11:25 AM to serve lunch.

Volunteer driven

Pizza Lunch is made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers, who come out each Friday morning to prepare the fruit and vegetables, as well as the parents who serve children their meals at lunch time.

Each week, parents from one grade "hosts" the Pizza Lunch. Class Parents recruit three volunteers to serve lunch between 11:25 AM to noon. Jazz up your week by picking a theme, dressing up or coordinating a special dessert (in accordance with the school's allergy policy). Work with your Class Parent and let the Pizza Lunch team know by sending them an email.

Pizza Lunch Service - Grade Host!!

Grade 1
Oct 30, Jan 15, Apr 1, Jun 17
Grade 2
Oct 23, Jan 8, Mar 11, Jun 10
Grade 3
Oct 16, Dec 18, Mar 4, Jun 3
Grade 4
Oct 2, Dec 11, Feb 26, May 20
Grade 5
Sep 25, Dec 4, Feb 19, May 13
Grade 6
Sept 11, Nov 27, Feb 5, May 6
 Grade 7Sep 18, Nov 20, Jan 29, Apr 15