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Principal's Aperitif - Wednesday May 6th

posted May 17, 2015, 7:14 AM by PA West Campus Exec. Rep.   [ updated May 17, 2015, 7:14 AM by PA West Campus Coordinator ]

The Principal’s Aperitif was an intimate affair, but a spirited one. Mme Landry updated us on the dizzying array of capital projects to be underway during the summer, including completion of the Learning Forum, painting of some of the classrooms, installation of sunshades at the back of the school, and construction of a new enclosure for the PKs at the front of the school. 

The latter is made necessary due to government regulations and also requires upgrading the kitchen and offering food service (those lucky 3 year olds!).  Food service may be offered to other grades as well. 


Easily the most debated part of the evening was regarding Ontario’s sex education curriculum, to be rolled out in public schools in the fall. Mme Landry informed us that the “mechanics of sex” were not introduced until grade 6 at TFS and that “we would not be doing the new sex ed curriculum.”  A number of parents voiced their concerns about the merits of the new sex ed curriculum, including its discussions around proper names for body parts, gender and sexual diversity, the range of family arrangements, and the notion of establishing consent in relationships.  Parents did suggest that more information about the health curriculum would be welcome. The TFS Physical and Health curriculum is currently under revision. 

Submitted by: Nitin Deckha - Principal's Aperitif Coordinator